published issues

Twenty-four volumes of Staletá Praha were published as a collection; the first issue was in 1965 and the 24th was in 2003. The first three annual issues were published in yearly intervals, then between 1967 and 1979 there were 6 issues published (13 years).

During organizational changes in the Prague Heritage Care community, a loss of financial support for editorial activities resulted in a long pause between 1993-2008, when only two volumes were published in 1997 (issue no. 23) and in 2003 (issue no. 24). In 2009, the periodical was renewed, this time in magazine form, thus reviving the old tradition of the periodical, which even today is still quoted by leading Czech art historians, urban planners, conservationists, and archaeologists.

A catalog of collections of Staletá Praha nos. 1-24 with scanned table of contents and colophons of individual issues are available; scans of individual articles are not available. The complete and comprehensive range of contents of the volumes can be downloaded HERE. For a bibliography, see the link Bibliographic service.