Staletá Praha instructions for reviewers


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Please send the review in a printed form to the address of the journal’s office and electronically to

The editorial staff does not disclose the names of the reviewers.

Review reports are internal material of the editorial staff and are archived.

Please submit the completed forms (in electronic format) at the latest within two weeks of receiving the article for review.

Reviewer obligations:

  • Reviewers are neither members of the editorial staff nor employees of the publisher.

  • Reviewers must maintain objectivity.

  • Reviewers may not misuse the information contained in the reviewed article for personal or other purposes.

  • Reviewers may refuse to prepare a review report due to a conflict of professional interests. A conflict of interest is considered to be any of the following:

  • the reviewer’s professional, financial, or personal benefit in exchange for approving or rejecting the reviewed contribution;

  • cooperation on the particular project within the past five years;

  • a fundamental difference of opinion on the main topic of the reviewed paper.

  • If the reviewer does not refuse to prepare a review report for any of the aforementioned reasons, the editors shall assume that no conflict of interest exists.

  • Reviewers should alert the author of any missing significant published titles on the applicable subject.