Staletá Praha – Guidelines for Authors

The author of each contribution (article) is responsible for the factual content of the article and to ensure that neither the article, nor any part thereof (including pictorial attachments), is in non-compliance with Czech Law No. 121/2000 Coll. (Copyright Act) as amended.

Articles are accepted by the editors at:
Redakce časopisu Staletá Praha
Na Perštýně 12
110 00 Praha 1

Contributions may also be sent by e-mail to:

The editorial staff accepts the articles continuously; deadlines for individual issues are not announced. The second issue of the year is usually devoted to results of archaeological research.

Author’s contributions in Staletá Praha are divided into 6 types according to the sections listed in structure of the journal

Every manuscript sent to the Editorial Board for the Study, Material, and Review sections goes through a review process. Manuscripts are reviewed by at least two reviewers. The author is informed of the results of the review process by the editorial staff, and the first editorial comments addressed to the author are formulated in writing based on the statements of the Editorial Board and reviewers. Authors are required to incorporate or otherwise consider the reviewer’s comments into the text. In the event that the author disagrees with a comment, the author will have the opportunity to defend their professional opinion in writing in the commentary on the review. The result of the review process is expressed by the opinion of the editorial staff.

Shorter articles that are not reviewed, and for which we do not publish foreign-language abstracts, may be accepted for the Communication section.

The editor-in-chief of the journal is responsible for evaluating the professional level of the Editorial Board’s texts and recommendations, the final decision on the publication of the texts, and the final decision on the composition of the issue. The Editorial Board recommends the selection of reviewers for each contribution and discusses the composition of the issue.

Contributions are not remunerated. Authors of the articles will receive 1 copy (non-reviewed contributions) or 2 copies (peer-reviewed contributions) of the given issue and a separate issue in PDF format.

Author’s Statement (.doc)